Effective analysis is a key factor in mitigating the consequential losses that typically surround incidents of misrepresentation in mortgage loan transactions. Our fraud and forensic audit specialists are experts at detecting and unraveling mortgage fraud schemes.

The forensic elements of these audits are generally focused on loss mitigation and/or repurchase related matters. Fraud investigation components of such audits target whether misrepresentation exists in a loan transaction with an end goal of comprehensively documenting the nature and scope of any misrepresentation that is uncovered.

An array of investigative techniques are available to assist our fraud and forensic investigators.

Typical investigative tools include:
  • Desk, field and AVM appraisal reviews.
  • Property transaction histories.
  • Evidential searches for unrecorded mortgages and deeds.
  • Business entity and/or ownership validation.
  • Reverification, authentication and analysis of:
  • Transaction participants
  • Assets
  • Employment
  • Individual and employer tax ID numbers
  • Occupancy status
  • Tax returns (4506-T)
  • Credit reports
  • Bankruptcy papers